We recognise the important role our employees have in maintaining our status as one of the North West & North Wales fastest growing companies, We recognise that our employees are a crucial asset and place a great deal of emphasis on having a skilled labour force and see training either on the job or at formal courses as essential.

We understand that our employees are vital in maintaining and improving our level of service on all of our projects and business activities. We have a strong working relationship with CITB training and currently have employees completing day release training at degree level, HNC’s down to NVQ’s.

Employment opportunities and staff development

We have always been committed to providing competitive employment opportunities and training schemes which are second to none. This gives our employees the drive to progress in our company, we have had employees that have started off on site with trade back grounds and progressed to graduate from university in areas such as quantity surveying, construction management and accountancy. Providing levels of progression for internal staff has been integral to our business success and improves our employees stock if they wished to move on in the future, in knowing this our employees feel that they have an input in our business progression.

We feel it’s essential for our employees to find a level of importance in their work whatever it may be, empowering them with a sense is vital in reducing our staff turnover and providing a good working environment.

Staff retention and continuity of workforce

In maintaining a consistent approach to the morals and values set out by the company directors we minimise our staff turnover and provide a structured working environment with room for progression throughout our industry. In keeping with our company values we maintain a level of consistency in our relationship and level of respect we set out with employees. We provide training not just for the job at hand but provide further learning and skill based training that employees can use for the rest of their working lives. We feel continuity in workforce helps us to work together to continuously improve our service.

Working with our Supply Chain

Due to our long working relationship with our designated supply chain we work with our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure training is provided and certificates are up to date, we invite subcontractors to our courses along with our direct employees. We hold copies of our subcontractor’s information CSCS cards on file so we can remind them when they are up for renewal.