Maintaining the values of our company since its formation have been essential to our success and growth especially throughout the economic difficulties where we have seen our biggest increase in workload, turnover, profit, job security and opportunities. Some of our values are outlined as follows:

Commitment to clients

Since our formation in 2003 we have made it our goal to secure repeat business and build close working relationships with our clients. We welcome open relationships with our clients and work closely with them on all of our projects to reach our targets and deliver a high quality service. We feel that repeat business ensures job security and new opportunities for recruitment.

Customer satisfaction and communication

Customer satisfaction and long lasting relationships with our clients are key to our business success. At Adever we project throughout our company the understanding and knowledge needed to honour our commitments and service requirements to our clients at all times. We provide the platform to demonstrate high standards of honesty, accountability, professionalism, trust and ethical business relationships. Maintaining excellent communication with our customers to enhance the quality of their experience is key to promoting these long working relationships.

Working together

Working together as a team to reach our desired goals is a company value that cannot be overstated. We set out to share knowledge, ideas, skills and resources within our business to promote individual, team and company growth. We believe effective knowledge management provides us with a competitive advantage and continued business opportunities.

Employee relations

Our employee relations and staff development are second to none; we endeavour to provide a safe working environment whilst offering training and development opportunities for internal progression to all of our staff. We aim to treat employees with respect and help them achieve their maximum potential whilst providing them with experience and knowledge they can utilise for the rest of their lives.