• Heritage

Over the past 10 years we have adopted heritage as a key area of our services. Our unique skill set combines the organisational skills of modern contracting with an understanding of the conservation needs of historic buildings. Our commitment to sustainability means that we strive to engage local trade’s people in the conservation of their heritage. We understand the importance and social value of historic buildings and monuments; our skilled trade team include stone masons, heritage plasterers and approved roof installers. Utilising construction professionals with a background in heritage trades, we deliver a quality service and programme carefully structured around the building or monument.

Whether it’s a Pseudo Refurbishment, minor refurbishment or restoration of structures and aesthetics we have the skills and competency to undertake any project maintaining compliance and strong working relationships with conservation experts.


Some of the Projects we have completed on listed buildings or monuments are:

  • Denbigh Castle Refurbishment
  • Canaerfon Craft Centre
  • Hapsford Hall
  • Bostock Hall
  • Spurstow Farm Houses
  • India Buildings Liverpool
  • Pilot cottages Llanddwyn Island Anglesey
  • Canada House Manchester
  • Shotwick Village Farm
  • Farndon Thatched Cottages
  • Ince Temple

We offer services in refurbishment, restoration, structural alterations or general maintenance. For any enquiries please contact one of our regional offices where one of our expert team is available to help.