Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

Adever recognises that discrimination is unacceptable and that it is in the interests of the Company and its employees to utilise the skills of the total workforce. It is the aim of the Company to ensure that no employee or job applicant receives less favourable facilities or treatment on grounds of sex, marital status, disability, race, colour, nationality, national origin, ethnic origin, religion or belief, dependents, sexual orientation or age or are placed at a disadvantage by imposed conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justified. The Company wishes to see its workforce broadly reflecting the community in which its premises are based.

Within our company we try to create a work environment which helps promote the ability of employees to act in empowered way. We set out clear objectives for anyone under any position in our organisation can have an input in how our business is run. We feel it’s essential for our employees to find a level of importance in their work whatever it may be, empowering them with a sense of meaning in their tasks provides improved results for our benefit and theirs as an individual which is vital in reducing our staff turnover and providing a good working environment in accordance with our equality objectives.

Our management team maintains a high level of respect with our employees that works in both directions, problems that crop up are solved by a group with all ideas being heard and discussed, affiliating our employees as part of a bigger team gives them an incentive to work hard in finding solutions to these problems and confirms our stance on equal opportunities minimising discrimination or bullying.

It also aims to reduce any discrimination within our organisation and reduce the risk of bullying and harassment as everyone is working in equal capacities as one team under the organisation.

We make it clear to our employees that conformance to our equality procedures can improve our service delivery in areas such as social housing and projects where we work with local communities, it also maintains our image in attracting all types of skilled professionals to our company and improve our business outputs.

We are committed to training and developing all of our employees under the equality’s act to maximise their potential and to ensure that they work in a safe and efficient manner to meet the company’s aims and objectives. We have systems and regulations in place to support any member of staff or anyone affected by our work if they are discriminated against, we will investigate this issue and issue the necessary disciplinary action.

As an organisation we have worked representing many local authority clients and understand the necessity in maintaining immaculate procedures in all areas of equality. We have always been committed to employing local labour and giving opportunities to those that may have been over looked or found it hard to get back into work. We have worked with local recruitment agencies to get local individuals back into work male and female in all areas of our organisation. We are Investors in people approved contractor and have a full equal opportunities and equality policy.