We appreciate that to achieve consistency, quality and innovation we need to have active performance management systems in place. Our management systems integrate all work stages and focus on principles such as customer focus, leadership practices, systematic performance measurement, continual improvement, sustainability, fact based decision making, and continuous professional and personal development.

At Adever we are passionate about quality, and take pride in the fact that we consistently deliver products of the very highest standards. The ethos behind our quality system is to work towards a ‘right first time’ culture leading to zero defects at handover, whilst also generating efficiency savings within the construction process and service delivery.

Our performance monitoring system aims to support our client’s core business and ensure that service delivery is continually re-evaluated, thus delivering innovation and value. We measure our performance against KPI’s specific relation to the contract or job at hand. Whether its new build, refurbishment or maintenance we use specific KPI’s to help us monitor our application and conduct for a more accurate guide to how we as a company are performing.

We use strategic planning to structure how we set out to deliver our projects, this enables us to ensure we have the necessary resources assigned to the task and we can deliver a high standard level of service. Our ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 management systems give us the basis of which to structure a solid, efficient working environment with the target to continuously improve our service at all times. It also enables us to carry out extensive risk and change management so we are always one step ahead and adapt our business approach to any fluctuations in the economy.