Our objective in relation to our environmental policy aims to continuously improve in the management and implementation of our environmental impact whilst maintaining compliance with relevant legislation. Our policy for this contract is structured around the ‘Adever Environmental Management System’ and our ISO 14001 accreditation We are committed to preventing any environmental damage whilst providing and maintaining healthy working surroundings including clients, visitors and building users. We aim to provide sustainable job opportunities to the local community whilst maintaining our company policies.

  • Comply fully with environmental legislation and industry standards/regulations and where appropriate exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Commit to a programme of continuous improvement in the prevention of pollution and in compliance with ISO 14001.
  • Use energy efficiently.
  • Continue to reuse and recycle products where possible and to explore new avenues for the recycling and reuse of materials where it is commercially beneficial.
  • Minimise and dispose of unavoidable waste in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Ensuring that our road transport vehicles are used efficiently to minimise our contributions to road congestion and pollution.
  • Communicate the policy externally to our suppliers, customers, contractors and internally to all of our employees ensuring that they understand and implement the relevant aspects of the programme.
  • Annually review our progress and monitor our achievements against set targets and objectives.

Continuously improving our ISO 14001 management system is not just achieved by specification and site management but also through investment in sustainable communities. Locally sourced materials and staff result in reduced carbon miles and an investment in the local community. Employing local labour, suppliers and subcontractors is one of the core requirements of the wider sustainable development agenda and one which Adever embraces.

Lifecycle assessment represents the true environmental cost of any construction project. At Adever we appreciate that increasing energy costs will be a huge driver in demand for an energy efficient built environment